I Can't Believe I DID this!!!!

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I Can't Believe I DID this!!!!

Postby Barbara O. » October 13th, 2008, 9:35 am

I've been working REALLY hard to get ready to go to SAGA Convention (THURSDAY!!!) plus getting the sewing store up and running plus all the other day-to-day things o, yeah, and don't forget the regular full time job, too! So I have this cutie 'Lingerie Envelope' that I've done a few times for classes and decided to get it into a kit and on the website before SAGA, I've made this thing at least 10 times - the last sample I had went to a graduating student of my daughter's so I had to get another sample to take to SAGA, can't sell kits without a sample, right?!! I was doing the final press while talking to my youngest daughter on the phone when I realised I had put several Big Fat Holes in the lace insertion!!!!! NOT good!!

Ok - begin Sample #2 - now about 7pm on Sunday night! I finally get it almost finished, turn it right side out and the envelope flap is not folding where it's supposed to!!!! I turned the machine off, turned out teh lights and closed the door. I will have to pick out 2 tiny French seams in handkerchief linen tongith after work!!! :ranting:
Barbara O.

Re: I Can't Believe I DID this!!!!

Postby nonie » October 13th, 2008, 12:33 pm

Oh NO!!!! So sorry to hear that. Well, you will have fun at convention :D
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