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Great site

Postby Smockette » July 10th, 2007, 6:36 pm

I just found this site doing a smocking search on altavista. I have been told that Altavista is a search engine that doesn't list its info by the most clicked on first so you can find some different sites that you normally wouldn't on google. I came across this one and got lost for a long time. It has all the fashion trends for the upcoming year and that means shoes, bags, clothes, everything you can think of. But I went there for the smocking. It also has some references to smocking one of which is wrong as I am sure you will figure out pretty quick. There is some of the best information I have seen on sewing velvet anywhere.

But other than that its a great site that you can get lost in for a long time. And if you are into vintage clothing you have struck gold on this one. Have fun.


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