What do you think?

Want more information about a certain fabric? Or what fabric will work for certain projects.

What do you think?

Postby craftedbybeth » July 15th, 2007, 7:12 am

Hi Everyone! I'm just beginning to get a feel for smocking and heirloom sewing. I've been sewing as long as i can remember and do a lot of machine embroidery, digitizing, and garment construction. I recently got a Janome Compulock and want to try some of the features. I also have a Janome 9000 that stitches beautifully and a 300e stand alone embroidery machine for larger designs.
The question about fabric is this~~~
I went to a sale of a woman who had closed her quilt shop. i ended up with 2 huge boxes of silky, lining type fabrics. They aren't the thin ones but they look nice enough to be fashion fabric. The pieces are between 2 and 4 yards each. There are some knits in there too, t-shirt type.
Will these fabrics stitch up nice in heirloom/smocked garments? I'm thinking of maybe the bodice from something silky and a woven as the skirt. Does anyone have any ideas they would like to share.
Thanks, Beth :)

Postby craftedbybeth » July 15th, 2007, 8:59 am

now you got me thinking, Thanks! I'll check their ravelling and let you know. they're all different from each other, some have patterns in them, some are prints too
Beth :wink:

Postby nonie » July 18th, 2007, 6:54 pm

Beth, you might want to try to pleat some of the different fabrics. I wish I could remember what fabric it was that they pleated at the last smocking meeting. We are making Christmas balls for a raffle and I know they put through some very pretty, very different fabrics. They pleated up so pretty. I might be able to get pictures of the different balls and list the fabrics that were used.
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