CC Carol VS. Toddler Smocked Apron

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CC Carol VS. Toddler Smocked Apron

Postby Goosegirl » September 20th, 2007, 11:39 pm

Hi girls. I just got my new Creative Needle mag the other day and love the tartan dress with the white collar. The info says it is made from Collars Etc. Toddler Smocked Apron pattern. I do not have this pattern but I do have Children's Corner Carol which looks similar.

So my question is what are the differences in these two patterns? Can I use the CC Carol to make this dress or is there something I need to change?

I would love any input.

Thanks a bunch!

Postby Goosegirl » September 22nd, 2007, 12:27 am

awwwww. thanks Stephanie. Yes I still have the migraine and Ahnalin is still not sleeping much, therefore I am not sleeping much. But I love my kiddos and they are worth it.

Thanks for the advice kathy. I think I will just use my Carol pattern and see how it works! :D

Re: CC Carol VS. Toddler Smocked Apron

Postby Neena » January 28th, 2008, 7:53 pm

Just looking over some pattern evaluations from months ago.....saw this one and wanted to comment!

I must've gotten a LOSER in the Collars version you mentioned as the only directions for construction were printed teeny tiny on the tissue paper w/ the pattern pieces and it was terrible! I even emailed Collars, Etc and asked if they'd left out the instruction sheet??? :x no reply--how rude!

I bought the CC "Carol" pattern and had a MUCH easier time w/ it and it fit DG (size 2) while the Collars, ETC ran small.

I doubt if I'll ever purchase another Collars, etc pattern ever again! Stick w/ the CC "Carol"! Hope this helps someone down the road-----
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Re: CC Carol VS. Toddler Smocked Apron

Postby Goosegirl » February 11th, 2008, 10:46 am

Wow Anita, that is too bad. I am currently making a blouse from the Collars Mary Jane Jumpers and Blouses and the instructions are great! They are printed out on instructions sheets just like the main companies do. I also have the yoke dress pattern but have not made it yet. I did not purchase the smocked apron pattern but just used Carol instead, which I LOVE!!!!

But if you do try the Mary Jane Jumpers and Blouses, I think you will be pleased. :D

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