Loving Hearts Ganz collection

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Loving Hearts Ganz collection

Postby Mer-Mer » August 5th, 2011, 12:11 pm

I have this cow that my aunt bought me a long, long time ago. She means a lot to me, since my aunt died on my tenth birthday and my cow has been with me throughout all the hard times in my life when my aunt couldn't be. However, I thought it would be cool if she had a sister. But the company (Ganz, the people who do webkinz) doesn't produce the Loving Hearts collection (the line of stuffed animals she's from) anymore. I have tried to contact them to see if there was anyway I could get another cow, or the pattern that they used to make her. I'm not expecting much, since the last time I emailed them, they yelled at me for using the wrong email when there was no way I could tell it was the wrong email. Does anyone else have a pattern for this cow, or similar? Or any ideas how I could get one?
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Re: Loving Hearts Ganz collection

Postby dandelionavenue » January 13th, 2012, 5:30 am

Have you tried ebay? I'm not sure what your cow is like, but I searched Ganz cow and there were 150+. Some said they were "retired" or no longer produced, so maybe it will be what you want?
Good luck!
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