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another knit sewing idea

Postby nonie » January 14th, 2014, 12:50 pm

This came from a class: I did send Angela a t-shirt pattern that has a collar called a golf shirt.
the golf shirt is a very nice shirt but what if that is the only t-shirt pattern you have and you want to make a plain t-shirt;

what you would do is use the back pattern piece and the sleeve pattern for making your t-shirt.

IMG.jpg (33.7 KiB) Viewed 536 times

As you can see I have used this pattern a lot. Lower your back neckline 1/2" Lower your front 1"
There you go-- a t-shirt pattern.
For ribbing:
While garment is folded, measure the neck edge of your T-shirt, standing the tape on edge for accuracy. Double this amount to determine the neck edge measurement.
A handy way to determine two-thirds of the neck edge is to fold the length of the measurement on the tape into thirds. Example given: if the measurement was 21", fld the first 21" of the tape, then fold the last third and read the tape at the end of the second third
for a 21" neck edge, you will have a reading of 14" add seam allowance.
Or divide the measurement by 3 multiply by 2 (which has always been my chosen method)
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